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NitorLACK grain filler is a product designed to fill wood pores and prepare the surface for subsequent applications of polyurethane, nitro, water and shellack. The product is compatible with our water-based stains to give the tone you want. You can adjust the density with water, it is easy to apply, fast drying, does not crack and has good sanding. It is especially recommended for open pore woods such as Mahogany, Ash or Rosewood. NitorLACK Guitar Grain Filler is the best option to fill and level the pores of woods before varnishing.
• Fills wood pores without sagging, shrinking or cracking
• Compatible with all finishes, stains, primers and topcoats
• Specially developed colours for instruments. Neutral is perfect for custom stains with dyes and pigments
• Easy to apply, dries fast and sands easily
Non-toxic, solvent-free and non-flammable. Ready to mix with water, a 1: 2 ratio of water to filler works fine. Apply to wood, scrape or wipe off excess, let dry, sand the surface level and wipe off with a damp cloth – it’s easy! Now you’re ready to spray a smooth, flawless, professional finish. No need to worry about shelf life: when stored dry, the filler will last indefinitely. 250 ml cup.

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