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Colourless solvent-based stripper gel with high stripping power. It does not contain acid or alkaline products and therefore respects the painted surface, not causing corrosion in metal or altering the colour of the wood. Due to its special thixotropy it does not drip.
It is applied with a brush in thick films of the product, leaving it to act between 5 and 15 minutes. Afterwards the attacked and dissolved mass is eliminated using a spatula. IT SHOULD NEVER BE APPLIED WITH A SPRAY GUN.
If the paint to be removed is a very hard or old, it is advised to grate/bruise it by making lattice cuts before application and repeat this operation several times. This allows the product to attack and dissolve the layer or layers of paint slowly.
Before repainting on the stripped surface it is necessary to clean it thoroughly using a solvent, to prevent a new finish from being affected by the earlier applied stripper.
The product should not be left more than one hour applied on the surface to pickling because it will form a hard layer that might be hard to remove.
As it is a solvent based product it should be applied in well ventilated areas and with the necessary protective measures. Keep the containers from high temperatures and direct sun exposure. Do not eat, drink or smoke during application. In case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of clean water. Toxic by ingestion. Keep out of reach of children.

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