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This dye has a classic orange tint, suitable for electric guitars and basses but also specifically for classical and flamenco guitars. It can even be used to tone shellac.
NitorTINT dyes for guitars are specially designed to change the colour of the wood with maximum transparency without altering the mesh of the natural wood. They are concentrated dyes with a double utility: they can either be diluted with a solvent to apply directly to the wood with a solvent or spray gun, or they can be used to colour the finishing varnish. They are universal stains that can be diluted in solvent, water or alcohol. In the case of application with a squeegee it is recommended to use water or Nitorlack Retard solvent. NitorTINT dyes are recommended to be diluted in a proportion between 3% and 10% depending on the type of application.
Highlights the wood grain
Enhance the beauty of any wood by highlighting its grain with NitorTINT stains. Dilute the stain with Retard Solvent or water and by using a wood dab you can get that 3D effect on the tops of woods such as quilted maple, flamed maple and woods with very pronounced grain. A trick to highlight the grain of the wood is using contrasting colours of stains: apply one stain as a base and sand, then apply a second stain for the overall colour you want. You will obtain a much more pronounced effect since the base stain will remain in the most pronounced grains of the wood, while the second stain carries the overall colour.

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