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The Relic Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer for guitars was specially formulated with the objective of obtaining a crazed finish for creating relic finishes on electric guitars.
Crazing often occurs a few days after applying. It is recommended to use it as the final finishing coat of the guitar. After the process of finishing a guitar using a primer, coloured lacquer and transparent top coats, you can apply two to three thin coats of Relic Gloss to facilitate the relic process. If crazing does not occur or if you need a more pronounced crazing, it can be enhanced or accelerated with temperature changes on the surface of the guitar. It can be sanded and polished. Relic Gloss is an excellent choice if you want to give your guitar a vintage touch that is accentuated by the passage of time on the wood.
Relic Gloss is available in 400ml aerosol and 1000ml can.

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