Corelli CO-804-F vioolsnaar G-4 4/4


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New playing and auditory sensations:
– A very fast and accurate response under bow action in pianissimi, fortissimi, spiccato, sautillé, staccato passages…
– Increased possibilities for nuances under the slightest bow pressure
– An easy emission in all the positions, which offers maximum comfort and reliability
– A perfectly defined elasticity and stiffness which generate depth, density of sound and give the feeling of volume
– A rich and clear sound in all the positions all the way up the fingerboard
– A perfect balance of sound throughout the instrument range, with an easy transition from string to string.
The secret
– The alliance of exclusive High-tech materials : a composite multifilament core wrapped with a combination of sophisticated metal wires
– Highly reliable accuracy of the manufacturing process guaranteed by laser control
– Specific training of workers over several years
A level of quality never reached before.
The warmth and focus of the best gut strings with the advantages of composite fibers:
– The texture, tone accuracy and more upper harmonics
– Great lifespan and string capacity to retain its sound qualities
– Insensitivity to humidity and variations in temperature
The string settles in very quickly and offers a perfect steadiness.
The sound of the Alliance Vivace is indisputably similar to gut strings.

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